Our know-how and practice give us the upper hand in the transport market.

Service quality

Our business meets customer needs whilst remaining economically competitive.

Trucks networks

Our own trucks fleet and the large network of collaborators enable us to be in the right place at the right time.


Velox Logistics Center is a transport company founded in March 2009. Its main business is the road transportation of vehicles. The double focus on own truck fleet and a network of transport partners has enabled the company to strengthen its position on the market and to provide complete and rapid solutions to clients' needs.

The concept and company development take place primarily at the company’s main office, in Pitesti, Romania. The positioning close to Dacia Factory offers the company the upper hand in transport business. The success of the company is driven by the people and their unrelenting focus on delivering results by operating responsibly, professionally and innovative.

Velox Logistics Center is committed to assist customers worldwide by understanding the needs and requirements of the clients and providing them with prompt and high quality transport services to meet the deadlines and demands of each delivery.

Simplify your business

“Transportation […] is a win-win for everyone involved” - Corrine Brown



Velox Logistics Center’s main business is auto vehicles transport by road within and outside the European Union. The company manages own trucks fleet and partners’ trucks fleet in order to provide transport services to existing and new customers. Globalization and industry expansion bring special transport requirements on a daily basis. Within a product and business life cycle, logistics plays a significant part in achieving the business success. Velox Logistics Center is able to help.

Regular routes

A large number of clients need a certain capacity transportation on established routes. For them we organize volume carriage with pre-defined prices and delivery procedures. In such circumstances, the availability of an estimated number of trucks is ensured for the predicted routes. The position, status and delivery time of the truck and its cargo is communicated regularly to the client, or upon request.

Spot loads

As soon as the transport request is received by us, the best solutions in terms of truck availability, price and delivery time, are examined. The best price and delivery conditions are communicated. Based on the offer acceptance, the truck is loaded as scheduled based on spot information from the client. The position, status and delivery time of the truck and its cargo are communicated regularly to the client, and upon request.

Strong selection criteria

All the trucks engaged in transport activities as well as all the drivers involved are conform with EU regulations at the time being.


Lucian Neaga


The company is managed by Lucian Neaga (as General Manager and Business Administrator). He manages the team of Logistics personnel in charge with order preparation and fulfillment. His team is responsible for all inbound and outbound Logistics and order preparation.

Florea Costache


FLORIN is the Transport Coordinator of the company, maintaining permanent collaboration with our clients. He plans and monitors the trucks, always communicating the position, status and delivery time of the cargo.

Marius Neaga


MARIUS is in charge with trucks maintenance, making sure that the own truck fleet is perfectly functional and able to transport at full capacity. He is managing a team of qualified personnel that constantly examines and preserves the trucks.

Adriana Neaga


The financial area is managed by Adriana Neaga (as Financial Manager). Her team is responsible for supervising and handling financial activities and for managing the cash flows of the business.

Maria Serbanescu


MARIA is in charge with accounting matters, as Chief Accountant. Being part of the financial team, any financial issue can be addressed to her, for prompt resolution.

Strive people investment

“To win in the marketplace you must first win in the workplace.” - Doug Conant, CEO of Campbell’s Soup


As a young company, Velox Logistics Center has managed to reach impressive statistics in just four years of existence, having significant logistics background and ambitious development plans.

We believe that innovation and growth go hand-in-hand with long-held ideals such as professionalism, integrity and accountability to deliver value for our customers.

We have invested and will continue to invest in skilled and trained personnel that demonstrate commitment to our customers and business partners.

Velox Logistics Center has the expertise, infrastructure and logistics support to offer you a full range of vehicles transport services.

Your selection of our available services will assist you in reducing costs, increasing revenues and minimizing time spent for finding solutions.

Excite Customer Experience

“Do what you do so well that they will want to do it again and bring their friends” - Walt Disney

Thank you!

Contact Information

   Address: Strada Depozitelor, Nr. 23, Pitesti, Arges, Romania
   Fax: +40 (0) 348 44 50 24
   Email: dispo[at]veloxlogistics.eu  |  financiar[at]veloxlogistics.eu


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